Friday, 25 March 2011

Mixed Marriage

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Alright…. To all of you who interested in mixed marriage… Let’s see what is mixed marriage all about…

The term mixed marriage could easily be used to describe a marriage between two people of difference races.

Mixed marriage with races is fine but if it’s related with Religion then it will be really tough. If you believe strongly in your religion and your spouse theirs, it could cause conflict, and hurt feelings, depends on the people. It's already difficult enough getting along in a couple where you both come from the same culture without having the extra difficulties of different cultures. You have to make so many more concessions in a mixed marriage. Imagine if your husband insisted on you wearing a headscarf and imposed his religion on you? Maybe love is not enough to make this kind of relationship last, you would have to take a lot of time talking and trying to overcome inevitable misunderstandings. It would be necessary to find a common goal.

As life is so demanding, the extra investment in terms of time and energy may be too much. Perhaps if you don't have too strong a character and are open-minded enough to accept the customs and values of your partner without necessarily giving up your own, it could work as long as the cultures are not too different.

However in these days, many mixed marriages begin in our society and don't take into account different religions, race and culture. In my perspective, mixed marriages will be a most happiness marriages in the world. The most interesting fact on advantage of mixed marriage is that mixed nationality children are often gorgeous looking.
A mixed marriage also could bring an element of variety and surprise which you don't have in a traditional marriage. It could be enriching and not so likely to fall into a routine.


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