Saturday, 2 April 2011

Public Transport Etiquette

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For every single boys and girl… try to avoid this kind of attitude in a public transport i.e bus, train, LRT, MRT and etc….. *actually all people should avoid this!

Don’t sleep
Try to avoid… especially during short time in the public transport. Feel free to rest your eyes... but when you start snoring or falling onto other people’s shoulders, you’ve crossed the line from passenger to creepy person who passes out on the bus ad NOBODY likes it!

*pix from Mr. Google*

Don’t just stare off into space
Bring something to do on the bus. For example, a book, a handled video game, the newspaper, your phone… or anything…. Sit and stare at the person across with you because you have nothing to do is NOT COOL!

 Don’t fumble and delay
It’s very rude to have everyone behind you wait in the line while you look for a change. Be courteous and please prepare small change or coins before you buy a ticket… *come on… you should know how much it cost to go to your destination… if it’s your first time... take your time to read and understand the signboard and list of fare provided!

Don’t lean on the handrail
If you are SITTINGdon’t lean on the handrail… It is for standing passengers… Not for you to rest your hand! Be considerate…!

* Source : CLEO Magazine Apr 2011
* Credit to Google Image for the Pixs...

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-Love others... and they will Love you-



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